Youth Football – Passing the Ball in Youth Football

April 13, 2022 0 Comments

The Passing Game in Youth Football

Many coaches either misquote me or misunderstand me when I talk about passing the ball in youth football. I have nothing against the pass and in fact make it an integral part of my offensive threat. What I do think is based on statistical fact, most (not all) non-select youth football teams will have a difficult time passing the ball to consistently move the chains and get first downs. Can some teams do it? Yes if they have a phenom QB, some great receivers and lots of practice time. Rarely however does this combination exist and rarely are these type teams championship caliber teams that consistently win league titles or the big tournaments.

We Love the Pass

Remember my example from previous posts? In the last 11 seasons my personal teams have had just 1 season where the opposition completed more passes than we got interceptions. Yes, in nearly every season the opposition completed more passes to us than they did to themselves.

In the Pop Warner National Championships in Orlando this year the Pee Wee level game pitted the best 2 teams in the country ( Pop Warner) at age 10-11 and Older-Lighter age 12’s. These teams were no slouches, both 15-0 entering the championship game, winner of their league, region and having beaten some pretty heavy competition to get to the title game. This is the best of the best of thousands of teams. Guess what their pass completion percentages were in this game? Less than 25% and these were great teams, not run of the mill doormats.

Does that mean I think you shouldn’t have a passing game in แทงบอลออนไลน์ youth football? Not at all, far from it. While I don’t think you have to be able to consistently move the chains with the pass, you have to have the appearance of having a passing threat to compete and win against the best in youth football.

Championship Level Teams Must Have a Passing Threat

You don’t want to have to play against 9 in the box against your base run plays, which is what will happen if you do not have a threat of a passing game. See how I use the word, threat. Threat doesn’t mean you will complete every one of those passes, it means you may throw and if you do, there is a reasonable chance at a significant gain on the play.