Training Troubleshooting (Four Common Bodybuilding Errors)

June 5, 2022 0 Comments

Being in the gym almost every day, I get a lot of chances to observe a lot of people working out. Unfortunately, I also observe many of these people making mistakes on a pretty consistent basis. In this article, I’d like to talk about the top four most common mistakes I see people making in the gym in the hopes that perhaps if you identify them in your own training you’ll be able to take the necessary steps to correct them.

Lifting too heavy a weight:
Also known as “ego lifting”, this is probably the most common problem guys have in the gym. There’s just something about the male ego that makes many guys want to load up the bar with as much weight as possible and attempt to workout with it. I’m sure we’ve all seen that skinny guy who struts into the gym, selects a weight that he can’t possibly handle and then proceeds to try to do multiple reps with it. Unfortunately, this can lead to improper form (more on this in a bit) and injury. A general rule in the gym is to check your ego at the door. Choose a weight that you can handle and that allows you to perform the exercise in perfect form and without risk of injury.

Lifting too light a weight:
The exact opposite of the mistake I just mentioned, this problem is most common among women. Typically I see people lifting too little weight for one of two reasons. One reason is that they’re basically just going through the motions and aren’t really interested in challenging themselves or working hard. Another reason, for females at least, is that some women believe that if they lift heavier weights they’ll turn into a manly looking bodybuilder (this, of course, is a myth). The problem with lifting too little weight is that your muscles will not be challenged effectively. If your workouts become easy, it means that your body has adapted to them and it’s time to change things up. The easiest way to do that is to increase the weight you’re lifting. Male or female, you should be cognizant of your progress and increase the weight you’re lifting when appropriate so you continue to challenge yourself.

Improper form when performing exercises:
Using proper form when performing an exercise is incredibly important. For one thing, it ensures that the proper muscle group is being focused on. The more your form deteriorates, the more likely it is that other muscles are being brought in to take the pressure off of the muscle group you actually want to be working. The other thing that is important about proper form is that it prevents (or at least decreases the likelihood of) injury. The more apt you are to start swinging the weight, using momentum, cheating on your reps, etc., the more apt you are to suffer an injury. Essentially, there sr9009 stenabolic sarm are three components to proper form: 1) knowing what the proper form is for an exercise, 2) choosing the appropriate weight that allows you stay in that proper form throughout the performance of the exercise and 3) focusing mentally on maintaining that form while you do your reps. Combining these three elements are the best recipe for success when it comes to proper form.

Spending too much time socializing:
Although it’s always nice to see a friendly face when you come to the gym or to workout with a partner who can help motivate you and spot for you, spending too much time socializing instead of working out can be a big problem. It’s very important to maintain focus when working out. This will benefit you from both a physical and mental standpoint. On the physical side of things, you’ll maintain a solid pump and keep your muscles under stress for the proper intervals. Resting one minute between sets and then five minutes between sets because you got distracted by chatting is a very haphazard and ineffective way to train. Keeping your mental focus is very important as well…stayi