Pete, We’re Sad You’re Leaving!

May 27, 2022 0 Comments

Thankfully, the news that Papa Pete Carroll was leaving his post as coach at USC to return to the NFL to helm the Seattle Seahawks broke mostly over this past weekend. Word is the official announcement will be made at a press conference sometime tomorrow. At any rate, the timing saved this author tons of begging and unsightly groveling. Thanks for that, Papa Pete!

That his departure saddens the core of the USC football fan base goes without saying. Papa Pete brought us many, many years of excitement and victory. We held our heads high and basked in the glory. We packed the Coliseum and travelled to what games we could.

That every good thing comes to an end is inevitable. Nobody that loves and admires Papa Pete can blame him for leaving now and jumping at this golden opportunity. He has enhanced the USC football program, the surrounding USC community and the nation with his shining example. I wish for him now that he not get splashed when the scandals hit the fan, for he doesn’t deserve it. It’s time for the college recruiting system to clean house. Anyone who has ever gotten close to a university sports program in anyway can tell you that what has happened with Reggie, Damian, etc. is just business as usual. Business behind closed doors, that is.

But if you just happened to have a kid whose apartment was in the same huge on-campus complex as the football players, and said same child also marched in the band during the Carson Palmer years, your eyes got opened real wide, real fast. When you visit for parent’s weekend or just because, and the complex parking lot is filled with Lexus and Cadillac SUV’s ufabet สมัครผ่านมือถือ right along side the dilapidated Honda’s and Toyota’s you don’t have to ask too many students before you find out who the ‘rich’ kids are: the football team.

But don’t be misled here. For a lot of the players are just struggling students like many of the rest attending USC. My own daughter attended solely because of her intelligence and drive AND the fact that she received a 50% scholarship! Otherwise, it might have been community college for her, too! And Papa Pete is known for his character and record when it comes to recruiting, and wearing blinders as concerns station and privilege.

Just as in politics though, there’s lots of behind the scenes wrangling in college sport