Natural Timber Preservation and Why it Works

March 11, 2022 0 Comments

Why We Know What Petri-Wood Can Do For You?

Logical examinations led by Dr. Robert Adams of Baylor University in Waco, Texas support the cases as indicated in his 1992 distributions. In the Cedarcide Dow Corning Technology, Silanes, a subordinate of Quartz, are cross connected to the Cedar Oils. They give dampness security to the cell dividers of the wood. This innovation is viewed as NANO and the conveyance of Cedarshield’s treatment arrangement is really instrumental in the infiltration of the hydroxyl bunch atomic design where upon entrance, it turns into a water scrounger, totally killing any free bound water in the wood.


The hydrogen tail of the atom is then fallen and no further dampness can enter the wood’s cell structure, hence leaving the media 100 percent correspondingly steady. An objective which isn’t reachable with the oven dried techniques for wood conservation.

The “Shortfall of Moisture is the Absence of Issues” relates Glassel, the World’s driving Cedar Oil researcher. Without dampness, there can be no development and constriction, no twisting and no rot or bug assault. “The study of the development of these items really sets off the petrification of wood” quotes Dr. George Jenkins of the University of New Brunswick, noted Canadian wood researcher.

Texas An and M University’s C. Wayne Smith, who heads up the Archeological Preservation Research Laboratory in College Station, Texas, for the conservation of antiques and recuperated wrecks was approached to remark on the utilization of these Cedarcide and Petri-Wood safeguarding items in Railroad Ties, Utility Poles, Deck-Dock-Fence materials. His answer was “It resembles the SILVER BULLET the lumber business has been sitting tight for”. Scott Miller, Application engineer for the Dow Corning Timber Technology Corporation thoroughly concurs with Smith.

These items and medicines are quick turning into the innovator in wood safeguarding on the grounds that, after medicines are applied, there could be no further requirement for re-applications and the lumbers treated are completely ensured against parasitic assault, decay, rot, bug assault and even assault by beavers, for times of as long as THIRTY YEARS, contingent upon the treatment applied.

One application sets off the beginning phases of wood petrification. It likewise sets off the prompt departure of both free and bound water in the fiber structure and cell make up of wood. The wood is as of now not expose to dampness, either as air borne stickiness or in fluid structure. Extension and constriction of the wood stops and complete layered strength is gotten, disposing of twisting, parting and measuring of wood as it ages. The outcome of the treatment delivers the wood 100 percent bug, rot and water safe, for eternity. Dissimilar to Thompson Water Seal and other restrictive coatings right now being used Worldwide and just keep going for brief timeframes, these Cedarcide and Petri-Wood items infiltrate further than any known other option and additionally, they really keep on working for incredibly extensive stretches of time with no requirement for re-medicines or unique circumstances. They are basically the BEST AVAILABLE on earth.