How To Repair Dell E153Fpc LCD Monitor With Shutdown Problem

February 1, 2022 0 Comments

Fixing the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor with the protest of show closure following couple of moments (power LED still on) was quite easy. Ordinarily when this kind of issue occurs, we would initially presume the inverter board, then, at that point, the channel capacitors and in conclusion the principle board. A blemished in one of the lights and a flawed TL1451AC PWM IC or inverter ic may made the presentation closure also. Assuming that the light is imperfect, it will send an input to stick 3 or 14 of TL1451AC IC and made it quit creating yield signal accordingly the presentation just shut off once you switch it on. The power board is utilizing a SG6841D pwm ic and a FQPF7N80 power fet . Assuming this power segment blow, it is very simple to investigate on the grounds that it has less parts. You can likewise utilize other part numbers to substitute the power fet.

Not surprisingly, in the wake of opening up the cover, I would initially check for any consumed parts, free connector, broke board, dry joints and so forth prior to doing the voltage test. Concerning the lights, I would check it last since lights were only occasionally spoilt. After checking for any awful parts prior to beginning the voltage test, I observed a channel Display Reparatur capacitor that had transformed into hazier shading. Utilizing the ESR meter uncovered the ESR ohm has shoot up to 12 ohms. This channel capacitor situated at C922 with the worth of 1000 miniature farad 16 volt. On the off chance that you don’t have the ESR meter you can generally utilize the advanced capacitance meter. The worth that I got from estimating the awful capacitor was 57 microfarad. In the event that you don’t have ESR meter, ensure you get one-it’s quick and exact.

Presently, the inquiry is the reason a channel capacitor can make the presentation closure? On the off chance that you cautiously see the image, I’ve attracted the yellow way to show you how the voltage is streaming. Incidentally, the voltage at the terrible channel capacitor line is 12 volt. The voltage went through a SMD semiconductor in the beginning circuit and stream directly to stick 9 (VCC) of TL1451AC IC. To let the 12 volt to course through the semiconductor and come to the vcc pin of the ic, initial, a ‘on’ signal should be sent from the primary board to trigger the semiconductor. In the event that no sign ship off the semiconductors (off signal), the two semiconductors can’t be turned on and no voltage will finish the ic. Consequently assuming that the fundamental board or any of the beginning circuit parts spoilt, there will be power yet no presentation in light of the fact that the TL1451AC would not convey message to the Royer type L, C full and lift circuit, so no high voltage delivered by the high voltage transformer and this will prompt no showcase.

In the above case, the LCD Monitor show closure was because of the wave as a result of the awful channel capacitor. The wave made the TL1451AC IC be unsound and in the long run closure the result signal. Supplanting just the channel capacitor addressed the DELL E153Fpc LCD Monitor closure issue.

End, don’t dependably assumed that LCD Monitor is exceptionally extreme or hard to fix. From the above article, you could see that the caused of the closure issue was just an awful capacitor. On the off chance that you completely saw how LCD Monitor functions, opportunities for you to effectively fix the screen is extremely high however again it relies upon the accessibility of extra parts. On the off chance that you at any point run over any LCD Monitor shipped off you for fix interestingly, feel free to begin investigate it. Who knows one day LCD Monitor fix could become one of the significant kind of revenue to you and your business.