Football Display Cases Help Carry Forth the Great Traditions

May 8, 2022 0 Comments

While college football teams and NFL stadiums are doing even more these days with display cases (read this at “Past comes alive with new Tech football display cases”), you don’t need high-tech visuals for a potent effect.You can take a page from fancy visuals like these, though, and pretty affordably too. Here are some ideas that you can use with football themed display cases:

Images from the past

Use your in-home tech center, i.e., your computer, and scan photos onto your computer where you can adjust them with editing software. Or take them to your local office supply or printer shop for help. You canUFABET ผ่านมือถือ have a high-resolution image blown up to fit the back of a display case. Alternately, print up copies of favorite images and create a collage in the display case, provide a visual backdrop to your football, helmet, or mini football helmet collection. Have display case dimensions on hand as needed when ordering images.

Tell the story

Get the story down in writing for posterity. If you’re displaying a football helmet or football, tell the story. If you’re not keen on writing, ask someone to type it up for you. You can even record it for them and let them work their magic. Take the time to review it before you print and post, since everyone who passes by the display will have the opportunity to read it. Tell like you remember it and make it your own. Everyone loves a good story. Add an image or two to complete the display