Flag Football – How to Play With a Group of Friends

April 28, 2022 0 Comments

Flag football is an age-old American tradition amongst friends. The game is played with 4-9 players per team. It is more popular than standard American football because it requires minimal to no contact, though teams can choose to make contact a contact sport if they wish. Usually when contact is used in flag football it is restricted to chest blocking. Teams decide on a game-by-game basis whether to allow 1-point conversions, punting, and some of the other technical football plays.

Games are strategically identical to www.ufabet football, though there are a few small differences found between American football and flag football. If someone is after the offense’s flag, the only defense he has is to run faster or out-maneuver the defense man. Using hands to protect the flag is not allowed. When the opponent pulls a flag from the offense man’s belt, the play is stopped and the game re-started from that point. Each team has 4 attempts to get the ball to the end zone. If 3 flags are taken from the offense before they score a touchdown, the offense and defense switch positions. The ball is played from the same spot. Typically, if a team is behind by 19 points or more with only a few minutes left in the game, they will automatically forfeit under the mercy rule.

Flag football games can be any length of time; make sure to set rules for half time and overall game length before you begin to play. There are national and international flag football competitions. These competitions have games that take roughly an hour to play, broken into two halves that run about 20 minutes with a 3-minute half-time break. 2 time-outs are given to each team per half.